Felix Lange, Automation & Control
A diverse working team embraces different opinions, based on reciprocal trust - which is paramount for innovation and, ultimately, extraordinary customer experience.

Felix joined TE in 2013 as a working student during his master studies. He successfully completed his master studies in 2014 and joined TE as electrical engineer for HF/RF and communication technologies. His focus area includes antenna development and electromagnetic simulations and Felix has activel worked on TE's ARISO Contactless Connectivity solution.

If we are not immediately changing our way of using resources, polluting and robbing our planet, there will be nothing left to change or resolve in a few years.


Which recent do you see having the biggest impact in the next 10 years?

In my opinion, in the next 10 years we will have a big increase of high-speed wireless technology. Applications in the 60 GHz and even Terahertz bands will let us build environments we cannot yet imagine. Where copper reaches its physical limits and fiber optics are not implementable, wireless technologies are the enabler to go faster! Combined with the trend of wearable devices, smart home and smart factory environments we will soon have a highly integrated technology level nowadays only known in science fiction films.


What is the single biggest achievement of your career?

I joined TE Connectivity in summer 2013 as a working student during my master studies. My first big milestone in my career is to have successfully complete my master studies in 2014 and joined TE as Electrical Engineer for HF/RF and communication technologies. Later on, I successfully applied for a patent as part of the work on the Ariso project: I would say that this is my biggest achievement so far.


What engineer do you admire, and what are his best known for?

Heinrich Hertz, the German physicist who researched electromagnetic waves at the University of Karlsruhe. He was the pioneer who experimentally proved James Clerk Maxwell’s electromagnetic Theory in 1886. Thank to him we know that electromagnetic waves follow the same laws as light waves do. Moreover, he was the first man who sent an electromagnetic signal from a sender to a receiver. I do admire Hertz as well as Maxwell because their groundwork set the basis for all modern communication technologies.


When did you first realize that you wanted to work in engineering, and why?

Since I come from a craftsman family, I was playing around with tools and building stuff as long as I can recall. Someday, I started to repair things instead of just splitting them into pieces. I realized that I was interested in electronics and computers and I started to play around building my own small circuits, even doing some computer service during school time. When I had to decide what to study at university, my teacher gave out small books: “Study guide for hessian”.  A friend of mine told me to turn to page 162, and there I read the description of my future job “Electrical-/Electronics Engineer”.


What would you do if you were not an engineer?

If I would have not studied electrical Engineering or not have studied at University at all, I would have learned a craftsmanship. Maybe optician like my dad. He has his own shop and I would have carried on the family business.


Why have you dedicated your career to your area of focus/specialization?

When I had my first computer and the use of internet became popular, I got interested in how telephone networks and computer networks work. I started to build up a home network and include several wireless access points and I was more and more interested in wireless technology: How does WiFi work? How to extend the range of my network? How to connect the neighbor’s network to mine over a wireless bridge connection?  Therefore, I started building own antennas and played around until it finally worked fine. The decision for my specialization for me was clear from the very beginning: “High frequency and communication technologies”. In my professional career at TE my main functions are related to antenna development and electromagnetic simulations. 


How does TE's approach to engineering shape your work with customers?

I think the TE values are self-explanatory and a good guideline for everybody´s behavior, in private life as well. In engineering day to day, this means I need a good diverse working team to embrace innovation, based on reciprocal trust. This working principle is paramount for innovation and for transferring our TE values to customers, leading to extraordinary customer experience.


What do you see as the top industry concerns that must be resolved in the next three years?

Mainly I see big problems in our way of energy production and how industrial waste is “disposed” nowadays. I could write pages about this, but to keep it short: If we are not immediately changing our way of using resources, polluting and robbing our planet, there will be nothing left to change or resolve in a few years!