Engr Abdullahi Aliyu (NAPTIN)
Power connections in Nigeria: a highly promising future.

Engr Abdullahi Aliyu is the Assistant Director of NAPTIN's regional training center, Kano.  He is also a corporate member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and a COREN registered Engineer (Council for the Regulation Of Engineering in Nigeria).


What is the biggest challenge in your work?

The content of NAPTIN training package is based on a particular product or technology. While acknowledging the fact that these are dynamic, an instructor will always be challenged to stay on top of the latest technologies.


How do you think this partnership with TE could benefit people?

This partnership provides an opportunity for TE and NAPTIN to have intense, specific training for different position types in one module. They may include sales training along with installation or maintenance procedures in a unique course, solving the challenge identified above.


How do you see the future power connections in Nigeria?

A stronger training institution will be established which will enable broader skills and a greater ability to identify most of the power connection problems. Indeed a highly promising future.