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Advanced Solutions for More reliable Power

TE Connectivity (TE) provides easy-to-install solutions that increase reliability of the power grid, preserve energy, and stands up to demanding conditions.

40,000 Products, one Supplier

Cable Accessories, Connectors and Fittings, Insulation and Protection are the three product families that composed TE's portfolio. Learn more about them to find the right solutions for your needs. 

Cable Accessories

Designed for reliability and service life even in environmental extremes, TE's comprehensive range of cable accessories help maintain service reliability in both overhead and underground installations. That’s why the most innovative utilities and industries around the world, including underground, substations, offshore and nuclear, renewable have relied on TE and TE's Raychem power cable accessories for more than 60 years. Our history of innovation, legacy of reliable products and decades of experience enable powerful connections for electrical networks and the people who make them.


Years of experience enabeling power connections worldwide.


Invested globally in research and
development in 2016.


Energy labs developing reliable and
high quality field tested products.

TE continues to set the standard for cable accessories. From overhead and underground networks to substations, our broad product portfolio of joints, terminations and accessories offers complete solutions that deliver excellent performance and reliability in harsh environments. Our innovative materials experts pioneered the original heatshrink tubing, and continue to develop and maintain a variety of cold applied technologies. When combined with our close engineering support, training and local language services, TE is uniquely qualified to provide customers with highly specialized products, customized solutions and advantage in total cost of owership. 

connectors and Fittings

For decades, TE's well-known product families as AMP, Simel and Utilux have supplied connectors and fittings.  They are designed to provide reliable connections for low, medium and high voltage overhead and underground networks. Their versatility allows for their usage in a wide range of applications for complex markets including: substations, overhead lines, underground networks, grounding, original equipment manufacturers and industrial applications.

Connected with History

TE Connectivity's (TE) complete line of power system connectors and fittings are designed for High, Medium and Low voltage applications.

High, Medium and Low Voltage Applications

Connectors and fittings accommodate HV, MV and LV applications and are found in myriad locations throughout the power grid; transmission, substation and distribution systems. TE has a proven track record in advanced materials, reliable performance, lower installation costs and technical support, TE provides connectors and fittings for complex applications including: - HV transmission lines - Railways - Residential - Street Lighting - Power Generating Plant - Substations - LV overhead - LV underground - MV overhead distribution lines.


Reliability and safety are vital in high, medium and low voltage systems, and that’s why TE's committed to pioneering improvements in performance for its customers. Our well-known Raychem, Bowthorpe EMP, Axicom product families together with material expertise, have earned worldwide recognition for long-term performance in harsh environments. TE’s product reputation is surpassed only by its extensive technical and commercial support that helps customers to define customized solutions for protecting distribution and transmission power infastructures.

Insulation and Protection Reliability

TE Connectivity (TE) provides insulation and protection solutions for power utility, power OEM, railway and wind applications from 280 V up to 1200 kV that ensure the safe and reliable supply of power.


Insulators in service globally.


Amount of revenue lost during a power outage lasting 2 hours, impacting 10,000 customers.

5 Bn

The approximate amount in joules of energy in a single lightning strike.

Innovative Solutions, Expert Service

Protecting against damage and costly outages is a priority among utilties. That’s why for more than 60 years, TE Connectivity has focused on quality, reliability and technical support to establish itself among the leaders in power distribution protection.  We apply rigorous testing to our insulation and protection products to ensure long term performance, especially under critical environmental conditions and pollutants. The commitment to materials science has produced technologies that withstand both the forces of nature and unrelenting customer demands.  And, TE's dedication to its partners is demonstrated through its global manufacturing capabilities and local language support that ensures when you work with TE, you receive complete end-to-end solutions that are customized to the needs of the project and its environment.