Ronald Zheng
Compact space and harsh environments are challenges, but I enjoy finding the solution.

Ronald Zheng, product manager for heat shrinkable cable accessories in Asia, also takes the role as product marketing leader focused on the marine and offshore industry in this region. There are always challenges to meet customer's special requirements on ships and platforms, with harsh environments and limited space for power connections. Ronald and his cross-functional team have been working to deliver the best products, solutions and service to customers.


In the shipbuilding industry, what are some challenges you have come across and how do you solve them?

Compact space and harsh environments are challenges when it comes to power connections in the shipbuilding industry. To combat these issues, we begin with evaluating the situation, and design and test our cable accessories with all these elements in mind.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

As a product manager I really enjoy working with my team and customers to develop the best products possible. This joint effort successfully creates solutions and builds strong relationships.


What industry trends are you most excited about?

As technology continues to develop within shipbuilding and offshore facilities, ships and platforms will be bigger than before. We will need to come up with the bigger and more complex power system to be employed in these facilities to meet the requirement of power consumption. Additionally, new electric- propelled ships are being built in shipyards which will provide more opportunity for TE.