Dr.-Eng. Christoph Lederle, EMEA Switchgear Connect Manager
The electrical grid is significantly changing. Innovate to provide advanced solutions answering tomorrow´s technical requirements is key.

Engineer solutions that will solve tomorrow´s challenges is his motto. Christoph is our Medium Voltage Cable Accessories manager. His priority is to bring customers a complete connectIvity solution that not only help them overcome their most critical challenges but anticipate the needs of the future electrical grid. As Doctor of Engineering, he understands the importance of developing products that adapt easily to the requirements of an environment in constant evolution. Christoph´s strong culture of innovation plays a key role in finding the technology that will simplify customer´s projects. 


What are the biggest challenges to your customers right now?

Due to deregulation and decentralization in many countries, the way the electrical grid is managed is changing. Finding the balance between necessary investments and ensuring a reliable supply of electrical energy is one of the biggest challenges of our customers.


How do you go about solving an engineering dilemma for customers?

It is all about understanding the customer needs. When I work on a project, I have extensive communication with customers to understand their project needs. Many times there are alternative solutions possible, and I can offer a new perspective by gaining a deeper understanding of their challenges and engineering dilemmas.


What trends will influence the industry over the next couple of years?

The investment in decentralized, alternative electrical power generation like wind and solar is a growing trend. Moving from a unidirectional to an actively regulated grid will influence the cable accessories industry. The volatile and difficult to predict power flow will require new approaches and technologies, like sensors and other measurement devices, to detect and prevent failures in the grid.