SIMABUS connectors case study

Case Study

Powering tomorrow's travel

SIMABUS innovative new connectors were the key to a problem faced on a new high-speed rail line in France.

The Challenge

Adaptive Solutions in the New Railway Traction Substations

The South Europe Atlantic (S.E.A.) project is a completely new high speed rail line in France between Tours and Bordeaux. S.E.A. will enable passengers to connect Paris to Bordeaux within 2.05 hours.

For this project, a consortium of companies in charge of the design and construction of the line, including high voltage (HV) substations, required all connectors to be designed as per the French utility requirements. But the new railway traction substations required adaptive solutions to the infrastructures such as busbar supported horizontally by post insulators.

The Solution

Work Proactively Together to Meet A Double Challenge

Since the installers already completed the civil engineering work, TE's team was asked to take up the double challenge of delivering an alternative connectivity solution within the initial timeframe.

SIMABUS innovative new connectors offered a strategic advantage.

Reliable and Sustainable Product Solution

TE's Engineers Expertise
  • Challenge #1 define the most effective industrial approach, using some standard components, to meet the customer’s requirements.

Based on a strong market analysis and a modular concept, TE engineers designed a reliable and sustainable product solution with a timely delivery condition.

SIMABUS connectors allow a fixed or sliding function to the connected tube. They can be installed independently in a vertical or horizontal position at site without adaptation of the supporting structure.

Reduced Lead Time

Installation Only 3 Weeks After Engineers' Approval
  • Challenge #2: produce the requested parts within a short lead time.

SIMABUS connectors’ modularity allows TE to manage available inventory on standard components. Consequently the design to customer’s connector becomes fast to produce by
assembling standard components.

The Outcome

Extraordinary Customer Experience

TE was able to solve a major problem with one of its highly engineered connectors. TE’s experts avoided the commissioning delay of that substation which would have led to huge financial penalties.  


kilometers of rail lines.


delivered connectors.


weeks between the decision on the solution and the installation of the new connectors.

Bring More Than Just Connectors

Innovation, Adaptation, Reactivity
  • Rework old technical specifications
  • Optimize products to save costs
  • Design products to fit any application
  • Support customers directly in the field with technical expertise

All are part of the job and of the daily business of TE’s team.

2839168-1 Mechanical Connectors  1

Power Systems


Mechanical Connectors

5 TJ 82 P5 T80 - 2839168-1

  • TE Internal Number: 2839168-1

ANSI/NEMA CC1-2009 IEC 62271-1
  • Technology Bolted Bus Support
  • Material Aluminum
  • Number of Contact Bolts 4
  • Voltage Class ≤ 500
  • Conductor Material Aluminum
  • Conductor Type Tube 80 mm
  • Indoor Use Yes
  • Outdoor Use Yes
  • Application Type Double Busbar Support on Post Insulator
  • Free of Lead, Cadmium, Heavy Metals Yes
  • Standards ANSI/NEMA CC1-2009
  • Product Availability EMEA
  • Conductor Gauge Type Metric