Donald Barrett Product Manager
We are looking for continuous improvement to meet our customers needs: more reliability at a lower cost.

Donald is an electro-mechanical engineer, specializing in the problems faced by power consumers, whether utility, OEM or railway.  Using his background in design engineering, Don takes his knowledge to develop products that eliminate problems the utilities are having with interferences from birds, animals, trees, etc., and enjoyings solving these unique problems.


What are the biggest challenges to your customers right now?

Customers are looking for more reliability in the products they purchase. The world is constantly seeing new and improved technological advancements. We have the capability to quickly change the design of our products to make them more reliable and perform better in harsh environments. We give them customized products that solve their problem and have proven to be reliable.


What industry trends are you most excited about?

I would like to continue developing new materials that allow us to create products that are thinner, more resistant to high temperatures and with an extended life span. Fifteen years ago, we developed the medium voltage line cover that wraps around a conductor without disconnecting the line while still energized. It has been a huge success story and I would like to be involved in expanding these types of successes to new designs.


Where do you think the Insulation and Protection industry will be 20 years from now?

As the utility industry becomes more aware of the importance of the protection of endangered species, it will be important for TE products to evolve as well. With the continuation of our development in material science and our quick response to customized products I could see TE redesigning the way utilities prevent wildlife outages with a wide range of robust insulation and protection products.