Offshore wind farm in harsh environment

Case Study

Weathering Any Challenge

TE Connectivity´s (TE) customized switchgear connectors meet the challenges of one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms.

The Single Partner Advantage

TE was able to offer a complete switchgear connect solution to empower one of the world´s largest offshore wind farms, thanks to its broad screened separable connectors portfolio, which made the project less challenging and more efficient. 

The Challenge

Developing a connectivity solution for one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms was extremely challenging and required a customized approach.

For this project, the engineers responsible for the energy supply structure requested screened separable connectors to connect a large cross-section of cables in their unique, very compact switchgears. These connectors had to withstand extreme temperatures in an environment characterized by its high humidity and salinity.


Screened separable connectors delivered


Switchgears provided with Raychem screened separable connectors RSTI


Homes supplied in electricity by this wind farm each year

The Solution

TE’s engineers offered a customized package of switchgear connect solutions built for harsh environment:

  • RSTI screened separable base and coupling connectors
  • RSTI screened separable connectors with surge arrestors
  • RSTI dead end plugs designed to face environmental challenges during turbine installation

TE´s Raychem screened separable connectors RSTI adapted easily to the customer’s cable type and size. RSTI connector´s compact design and the flexibility of its silicone components facilitated the installation of the connectors, reducing installation time and errors.

TE´s customized switchgear connectors, along with TE´s high-level technical support and training provide the ideal solution for customer requirements.

The Outcome

TE´s experts identified the right solution and reduced project management time with end-to-end customer service, including local language support, on-site training and installation supervision.

By successfully completing another project in offshore environments, TE reinforced its role as a key provider of switchgear connect solutions for the renewable energy market.