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Connecting with tomorrow’s energy demands today.

High voltage networks demand the ultimate in fail-safe electrical contact, mechanical strength and reliability. See how these networks have grown throughout Europe and learn about future investments in HV connectivity.

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HVCA Sweden

$5 billion

Investment in 245 and 440 kV network through 2025.

HVCA Belarus

35 kV to 110 kV

Distribution line conversion from 35 kV to 110 kV.

HVCA Germany

More than 3100 km of lines

More than 1000 km of 110 kV transmission lines and 2100 km of 380 kV transmission lines through 2020.

HVCA Netherlands

€20 billion

One of the major utilities investing €20 billion transmission in Netherlands and Germany through 2025.

HVCA Norway

145 kV, 300 kV, and 400 kV

Planning $8 billion investment in 145 kV, 300 kV, and 400 kV network through 2025.

HVCA Poland

€2.4 billion

Investment in transmission lines through 2017.

HVCA Ukraine

From 35 kV to 110 kV

Utilities are converting distribution lines in key cities from 35 kV to 110 kV, and incorporating HV products into wind energy, mining and metal industries.

HVCA Algeria

More than 27000 km

More than 27000 km of transmission lines and 175000 km of distribution lines being built through 2023.