David Herring
I use our customers’ experience and new technology to drive solutions and innovate.

Rethinking networking and the data center. David Herring is a technologist working to understand industry trends that enable various architectures and application performance. He focuses on listening to customer needs and finding existing or new solutions to meet their unique challenges.


Describe what you do at TE and some of your current projects.

I work with customers, discussing products, working to identify gaps, and fill those voids with either products we have in place, or talk with product development and engineering to get something in place that will help the customer. Right now I’m working on application space, storage, servers, networking, and electrical, optical, and hybrid solutions.


What are the biggest challenges your clients have?

The pressure to deliver reliable solutions that meet cost targets. Staying ahead of customer demands.


What do you enjoy most about your current role?

The opportunity to understand new technology and the evolution in computing, storage, and networking. I like gaining an appreciation around the end-customer experience and new technology to drive solutions, product ideas, and implementation possibilities.


What trends are most greatly influencing the datacom industry?

From an industry perspective, it’s the consumer level of mobile access. IT infrastructure needs to be very flexible so carriers can offer pay on demand type of services. People don’t want to invest money in services that they won’t use. Also the growing generation of data that needs to be collected, analyzed, and converted into something tangible.


How can TE keep ahead of these developments?

Companies are finding ways to monetize data and create services based on this. They outsource computing needs like maintenance and security. This requires a rethinking of the data center, focusing on flexibility and processing data storage. Everyone is looking to lower operating expenses by finding ways to handle big computing with fewer resources.


What keeps you busy outside of work?

Just spending time with family, keeping up with kids and their academic and extracurricular activities, and playing soccer when I find some time for myself!