Samir Vasavda, Field Application Engineer
Every day I get to meet new customers up and down the West Coast of the United States that are changing millions of lives through technology.

A mechanical engineer educated at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, Samir Vasavda has worked in the electronics industry for more than 20 years.  He holds four patents for his designs, and is a strong collaborator. Samir joined TE in 2013 for the “opportunity to be part of life-changing and disruptive technology.” He helps solve problems for customers in almost all of the major Silicon Valley companies in the Bay Area, as well as some big names in technology around the world. His toolkit includes a broad, existing product portfolio and the know-how to customize solutions to meet the exact needs of the customer.

Problem Solver

Problem Solver

Team Player

Team Player

Life-Long Learner

Life-Long Learner


What benefit do you strive to bring to your customer?

The knowledge that while we are a large and established company, we are also very nimble. We have technical expertise, scalability, and cost competencies. We are able to turn prototypes around very quickly using 3D printing and other methods, and when it’s time to create finished product, we are able to buy the equipment and make the tools to manufacture it. It is a unique and powerful combination. 


What do you listen for when you meet with customers?

I listen for what kind of help, products, or solutions the customer needs, as well as what kind of challenges, issues, or difficulties they are facing. What are they trying to achieve? What can I do to help them solve problems they are facing? And how can I improve myself or processes within my organization to best deliver that? 


What’s your best approach in order to create the greatest benefit for the customer?

We work in many times zones across different countries, cultures, and boundaries. To be most effective you have to be a great communicator, which not only includes talking, but also listening. Preparing and planning is crucial, as is understanding potential roadblocks. We must work independently, delegate, trust others, and help when needed to get the job done right. 


Do you have a favorite TE product?

My favorite two are USB Type-C connector and sensors: The USB Type-C connector is flippable, offers speeds up to 10 Gbps, and is thinner, for thinner devices. Sensors are cool because there are so many types for so many applications—to monitor your heart rate, proximity and motion for home and security, and automotive. 


What haven’t I asked about that you’d like to share with customers?

Even though some customers may not have heard of our relatively new name, we are a company with a rich history and a proven track record of innovation. We can help you in places where others may not have thought of solutions. We have the technical skills and scale of large organization, but at the same time we can be as nimble as a start-up.