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Better, not just cooler!

When wearables can provide useful insights—our own personal metrics—they will truly make our life better, not just cooler.

Imagine the Future

Better Insights. Better Life.

Imagine a rough week: Home life is crazy. You are tired, and work is overwhelming. Looking back, you discover you did not eat healthfully, you stayed up later than normal, and you missed regular workouts. Now imagine a good week: The kids are happy. You are energized, and the boss is tickled with your work. Your personal metrics say you taught guitar last week, got to bed on time, hit the gym daily, and ate dinner at home three out of five nights.

Wearable devices will quickly move beyond fad and will be right for everyone when they are integrated into our environment and are built to get to know us.

Wearables are coming fast, and the future is this: They will get closer to us and to our bodies, and that is a good thing.
Wearable Clothing

Baby Boomer Benefit

Baby boomers have been using technology to improve life for a long time, so they will get on board when we get it right. Imagine implantable technology to help us overcome physical limitations. That is a near future trend worth embracing! 

Information Sharing

Sharing information is a foregone conclusion with this expression of the Internet of Things. The upcoming generation may not have the same expectation of privacy or feel about privacy the way baby boomers do.