Jennifer Love, PM for Spring Fingers
As a team, we look at a new device and say, ‘Does it have an antenna, speaker or anything else that needs grounding…?' If the answer is yes, we find out how spring fingers help our customer’s overall results.

Jennifer Love joined TE for the challenge of managing an extensive product line. (She had been a product manager for a locally based manufacturer with 10 product lines and two core product categories.) Jennifer found her challenge with TE's approximately 500,000 products and world-wide locations, and started as a regional project manager for all mobile products in the Consumer Devices business unit. She now handles grounding products, which minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise and static caused by speakers, microphones, or other vibrations on a product circuit board. Specifically, she is the product manager for the TE spring fingers family, which is used for miniature devices. Spring fingers as a category aren’t new, but were not consistently or actively promoted by TE until Jennifer took them on. Through creation of support materials and training videos, her team successfully communicates the value and versatility of this family of interconnects for slimmer and increasingly complex consumer devices in the market.


Tell me about your job as product manager.

TE PMs are product experts. We often visit customers to talk in more detail about our products: to discuss what solutions are possible and any platform changes they’re planning given what they’re trying to do with a new device. We’re also the people out front at product fairs and the ones making key design or production decisions to meet market needs. 


What do you like best about being a product manager?

I’m always busy, and every day is different—even if I’m working with the same product day after day. Each day brings a new customer, a new challenge, another opportunity. Recently, I toured the TE plant in Qingdao, China during a project ramp-up. It’s always an amazing experience to see a 2D concept become a critical part of a customer’s design. 


What has significantly influenced how you do your job?

I’ve always wanted to be the best I can be in everything that I do, so I suppose personal satisfaction is what drives me, both in my professional and personal life. Working full-time and being a mom can create a great deal of pressure—it’s a difficult balance—but I keep my tasks prioritized and queued up in my head so I check them off as I complete them.


How do you measure success?

By the number of new projects. My team recently won a new project for a very large customer and was able to deliver custom parts in under five weeks, from concept to mass production. The team’s extra effort for the customer has won us a lot of new business. It is a great example of TE’s pledge to provide an extraordinary customer experience. 


Describe a recent breakthrough you made with a customer.

A customer needed higher current using a standard spring finger in their application. This solution isn’t commonly seen in the market today, but with some detail from the customer, and dedication from the engineers, we figured out how to do it! And while designing with a focus on one application, we discovered we could use it with four other applications. That’s what makes TE great: engineering innovation. 

Trends affecting my team? Miniaturization and increasing pressure to deliver faster. Solution? Innovate to get smaller and faster—without compromising on quality or performance.
Jennifer Love,
TE’s Spring Fingers Product Manager
Spring Fingers
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Spring fingers checks lots of boxes.

Flexible, versatile spring fingers come in many heights. Plus all types can be mounted onto a single footprint for ease of accommodating any changes during the design process.