Eric Himelright, VP of Product Management, Consumer Devices
The speed of our product life cycle (9-12 months) is what’s unique about consumer devices. It is a cycle that requires product management on steroids!

Over the past 20 years at TE, Eric Himelright has drawn from his education in economics and business,  built a depth of product knowledge, honed his people skills, and developed a laser focus on delivering extraordinary customer experiences. He coaches a global team of high-performing professionals ready to work with you to discuss, design, and deliver the connectivity solutions you need, when you need them, for the consumer devices you’re developing in a fast-paced, interconnected world. 


Describe your role in product management for consumer and data devices.

My job is to develop people and help them perform at a high level quickly. I cultivate a high-performing team by building trust, communicating often, being a visible and positive influence, coaching, and giving people credit for their successes. My global team pays this approach forward to teammates and customers, building solid and beneficial relationships. 


Why should customers come to you (and TE) to be delighted?

The breadth of our portfolio and our ability to solve engineering problems. Customers get our wealth of innovation history, but more important is our extensive technical expertise. For example, in antennas, we have some of the preeminent, global antenna people, like Bruce Bishop, and our recent sensors acquisition has given us world expertise in that space as well. 


Teamwork is clearly an important value to you. Would you elaborate?

In my experience, when a team has trust, it moves fast and executes with excellence—from the factory, to finance and sales. I have found the better the team works together, the easier it is to provide an extraordinary customer experience, and that is TE’s commitment, and mine.


What continues to astound you about consumer devices?

Miniaturization. Think about the internal space of phones—there is no room! Customers want more battery power, so everything else needs to be smaller. Assembly equipment is critical because we cannot hand-assemble parts this small—that is another thing that helps us deliver to our customers—we have the resources we need to build these astoundingly small components. 


Do you have a favorite TE product?

Appliance terminals and splices, hands down. Terminals and splices show the true power of a standard product portfolio. TE creates them and has been selling them for 50 or 60 years! It is one of the things we do best: standardize products and stamp or mold and ship. If you look at a product catalog from the 1950s, you would still recognize some of these same reliable parts. 

Promoting job satisfaction and opportunities for an extraordinary customer experience? Start by treating people well and being genuinely interested in them.
Eric Himelright,
Vice President, Product Management


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