Solutions for Wearables

With our connectors, antennas, and sensors, TE can help clear the way for innovative consumer experiences.

Let's create something wearable, together! The engineering of wearable devices presents challenges in miniaturization and multifunctionality, rugged design, and sensor integration. This is where we come in. Our components are already part of well-known wristbands, watches, and smartwear, but with our wide range of products we can enable you to build the wearable you’ve been imagining. We can help you to find solutions to fit the most performance into the ever-smaller, more rugged, and more beautifully designed devices. Our miniaturized components offer high-speed computing that runs on low power through the harshest environments and across industries. TE technology offers reliable multifunctionality in applications for healthcare, fitness, navigation, and more.


The trends in the emerging wearables market are characterized by two words: fast charging and speed. We feature a new product that provides high performance in both categories through a single connector. Our new high speed multi I/O connector supports USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB power delivery at 3A, and even MHL / MyDP video in one connector.