Smartphone Connectivity Products and Solutions


Driving Clarity in Connectivity

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues increase as cellular and smartphone devices become more complex with higher data rates, multiple channels per device, and slimmer designs.

Wondering how to fit better, but not bigger into a new, trendy, slimmer devices? Let's connect! To address the needs of today's more complex mobile phone devices, we offer an extensive range of slim interconnect products, antennas, EMI shielding, and circuit protection. Our build-to-print and parametric, scalable board level shielding (BLS) solutions and shielded spring finger products help to reduce the effect of EMI, driving clearer connections in the products you're delivering.


The trends in today's mobile devices are characterized by two words: fast charging and speed. We feature a new product that provides high performance in both categories through a single connector: Our new high speed multi I/O connector supports USB2.0, USB3.0, USB power delivery at 3A, and MHL / MyDP video in one connector.