Smarter, Greener Appliances


Save energy, water, time

Your smart appliances need to meet minimum energy consumption regulations. We can help you build more energy-efficient designs.

Meeting the Requirements

TE helps you meet global energy-consumption requirements for your appliance designs. ENERGY STAR (U.S.), the EU Energy Labeling Directive (European Union), and the Energy Rating Label (Australia) – all mandate or incentivize reducing household electricity consumption. The smartest appliances of today use sensors interfacing with cables and connectors to detect and manage energy usage.

For example, the sensors in today’s smart washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers can monitor humidity and water levels, temperature, turbidity, etc. This automatically triggers the appliance to the shorten cycles, run at off-peak hours, or report service issues. Now adding sensor design and manufacturing to our well-established connector business, we offer you the product and support capabilities to enable your transformative, energy-wise smart appliances.

"The number of installed smart home connected appliances will exceed 10 million units by 2017
Juniper Research

Energy Efficiency

We Help You Build in Energy-Management Functionality

Our intelligent sensors interface with our connectors, cables and wireless products to enable smart appliances that monitor and correct for energy usage. Contact your TE representative and find ways to build energy-management functionalities into your appliances. Added bonus: remote-sensing features also make appliances more appealing to your customers.

TE Connectivity has a presence in 35 million washing machines and air conditioners, and nearly 50 million refrigeration appliances
Shad Kroeger,
Senior VP and General Manager, TE Appliances

Greener Products

Your Customers – Expect and Demand – Environmentally Friendly Appliances

TE’s products are RoHS compliant and use recycled materials where possible. At our worldwide facilities, we strive to limit wastewater and electricity usage with the goal of minimizing our environmental footprint. As a component manufacturer committed to lead-free compliance and green initiatives, we help you design greener products.