Kevin Brown
The people at TE set us apart from the competition. Our depth of experience and global reach is unparalleled in the industry.

Kevin Brown is a Senior Global Account Manager for the Appliances business unit.  Kevin joined TE in 2001 after completing a five-year assignment as a nuclear power-trained submarine officer in the U.S. Navy. Kevin’s career began in the Automotive division supporting TE’s satellite radio, GPS, and cellular antenna products. He was assigned to work on a challenging new vehicle application when the global car manufacturer was leading the industry with OnStar® vehicle diagnostics and XM Satellite Radio. This allowed him to use his technical background in a customer support role while onsite at the global car manufacturer Tech Center in Warren, Michigan. Today, Kevin manages a global team of TE field engineers and account managers who support design centers and regional manufacturing sites for a leading international appliance OEM. Kevin and his team are tasked with providing the best customer service, highest product quality, and innovative designs, with a focus on terminals, connectors, sensors, tubing and relay products.


What are some of the biggest trends right now?

The Appliances industry has become more competitive with the increase of Asian manufacturers. As a result, there’s a significant amount of pressure on American and European brands and other customers to reduce costs. Consumers are demanding more features and benefits from their appliances. The latest products are integrating new features that require additional interconnects.


Do you have a favorite TE product?

I have really enjoyed working with the new Sensors product line in Appliances. It has given TE a chance to enter a new product segment, develop and understand the market, and drive new sales. Our customers continue to add features that require sensing technology, and it is exciting helping them find solutions to challenging technical issues.


Who has made an impact on who you are today?

Admiral William Burke, USN, was my commanding officer while serving on the U.S.S. Toledo submarine (SSN-769). He taught me how to be a leader and to follow a solid process for making good decisions, which is critical aboard a submarine. He stressed the value of preparation and training, learning from mistakes, and avoiding making the same mistake twice.


How does your past education and training help you in supplying the best experiences for the customer?

I think that the combination of engineering and business experience allows me to constantly go back and forth between solving a technical issue and ensuring it is cost effective and adds value to our customers. At TE we are customer focused and have a great sense of comradery. Our jobs can be challenging, but we are working to do the right thing for our customers and we support each other throughout the process.


How do you use project lessons you have learned to influence future performance?

I believe that, regardless of the industry, the general process of supporting the customer is very similar. Everyone has a story of a project that didn’t go well and one that turned out great. Although I can’t predict what issues will arise, I draw on my experience to ask the questions that will best engage the entire team to think about how we can minimize our risks and apply lessons learned to new projects. 


Five-year assignment as a nuclear power-trained submarine officer in the U.S. Navy.


Year Kevin joined TE.

At TE we are customer focused and have a great sense of comradery.
Kevin Brown,
Global Account Manager