Doug Slabinski
I want to know from my sales team what is working, what isn’t, and what they are doing. The best way to keep growing is to see things through the eyes of the customer.

As the Senior Manager of Global Accounts for Appliances, Doug Slabinski is all about the customer experience. He and his team focus on resolving delivery and quality issues and knowing what customers need – even before they know themselves. Starting at TE Connectivity (TE) in 1984 as a Field Engineer, Doug was responsible for AMP equipment. His eagerness reached new levels of customer engagement and motivated him to acquire new roles within the company. Each of his successive positions – Regional Manager Field Engineering, Industry Manager of ACES, District Sales Manager, and Global Account Manager – allowed him to develop his skills and gain new perspectives. Today, Doug holds two concurrent positions: Sales Leader for Appliances in Mexico, and Global Account Manager for ECI. He follows a “top to bottom” philosophy that everyone in the organization is important, no matter their level of experience or position.


Do you have an exciting business story at TE that you would like to share?

Years ago, I had an incredible business trip. I was sent to the middle of the Pacific with a bag of tools and no phone to repair patch panels on test equipment for Navy F16 airplanes that were grounded due to navigation issues. I did a carrier landing on the U.S.S. Carl Vinson super carrier and was given officer status while on board. When I returned, I received an award from AMP. 


As you reflect on your work day, what do you find to be most satisfying about your current role?

It’s satisfying to expand relationships with my team and our customers in order to grow the TE business. I enjoy leading a group of salespeople and watching them become successful. I am an open book to my team and encourage constant interaction. I make myself available to my team day or night. On paper they work for me, but we really work together. 


How do you inspire and motivate your team?

I let my team make decisions and I fully support them. I treat each member equally and expect them to learn from their mistakes. They can make a wrong decision but, at the end of the day, every decision can be fixed. I also encourage internal and external training.  


What efforts are taken to become proactive and engaging for each customer interaction?

I try to understand our customers’ requirements based on the market. Instead of waiting for them to ask for a solution, we try to that anticipate their needs. Our Power Triple Lock connector product is a good example. We engage customers using “lunch ‘n’ learn” sessions and trade fairs to show them how it can solve common problems in their applications. 


What do you believe is essential to continual growth within the Appliances BU?

One of my top priorities is to introduce new products that evolve with the changing market. Another is keeping the customer experience as the foundation for success. I also stress that the company culture really matters. We continue to improve our internal communications to better understand what is important to the customer.  

It’s satisfying to expand relationships with my team and our customers to grow the TE business… On paper they work for me, but we really work together.
Doug Slabinski,
Senior Manager Global Accounts