Denise Quinnette
Don't be afraid to do new things and go out of your comfort zone.

Denise Quinnette, Director of Sales for TE Appliances, enjoys taking on new challenges.  After switching positions from a large company to a smaller organization, Denise realized how much she missed the vast breadth of opportunity that tends to come along with working for a large, global organization. She joined TE three years later and states that she values the opportunity to work with a range of products and to learn about different facets within of the global organization. As someone who helped build tech centers in Mexico and China, Denise is familiar with diversity and creativity. The growth opportunities offered by TE continue to inspire her today.



What motivates you?

I get a charge from creating something new. Early in my career I was motivated by the opportunity to be a part of joint ventures where I could use creativity to solve problems. Developing new talent also motivates me. I am passionate about helping young people entering the workforce, especially those who are eager to learn.


What is an interesting fact that you would like to share with the TE community and customers?

I lived and worked in Mexico for six years. It was challenging to live apart from my family as we opened a new tech center, but it was also rewarding work that led to ground-breaking initiatives. I achieved more than I ever thought possible during my time there.


What allows you to stand out among others?

My willingness to try something new and not being afraid to fail. My richest experiences have come from going outside my comfort zone. Each time I succeed by taking on challenges made me a little bit better professionally. My career went from engineering, to product management, to sales. Each transition was scary, but that's when I learned and grew the most.


What do you do to maintain our customers' relationship while expanding the business outward?

When I meet a customer I try to learn about them and find common interests. I have such a diverse background that it’s often easy to find something relatable to start a conversation. I find that having a good working relationship leads to better solutions for the customer. 


How do you challenge your team to build the best customer experience?

It is important that we react to the customer’s needs. Customers want to be heard. I find that my sales team provides the best customer experience – and exceeds expectations – when they are able to bring the voice of the customer into the organization. When the organization hears what the customer needs we can all be more successful. 

I am passionate about helping young people entering the workforce, especially those who are eager to learn.
Denise Quinnette,
Director of Sales