Our range of connectors, sensors and electronic components meet connectivity challenges in a wide array of environments and conditions. We work collaboratively and innovate globally.


TE Connectivity’s products are a crucial part of an increasingly connected world. We can sense and connect data, power or signals moving through just about anything. We’re delivering power and data more efficiently and allowing technology to more accurately react to the environment around it – no matter how challenging. And we’re expanding the possibilities and promise of the Internet of Things, advancing the connectivity of devices, systems and services.

From the Mars Rover to subsea communications networks, electric cars to wearable fitness trackers, smarter appliances to smarter buildings, our connectors, sensors, antennas and other products are helping to make the future. 

Connect Innovation
Connect Innovation


Heat, vibration, pressure, miniaturization, weight and other extremes are no match for our products.

TE products are built to thrive in the toughest, harshest environments created by humans and nature. What we make works in severe conditions, from factories operating at full capacity to the crushing pressure of the deep sea. Well over half of our revenue comes from components made for harsh environments. 

Power Grids

TE meets the intense demands of ultrahigh-voltage environments such as power grids.

Rugged Automobile

TE components withstand vibration, heat and stress inside automobiles.

Harsh Environments

In industrial environments, our products endure extreme temperatures and high impact.

  1. Engineering for Tomorrow

Our engineers are helping to bring the seemingly impossible to life. See how TE is helping to turn those once impossible ideas into a reality.


Problem-solving and collaboration. That’s what our customers demand and what we’re committed to delivering. TE works with customers at all stages, from the design process to early engineering collaboration to hands-on customer support and on-time delivery. We create superior customer experiences and successful outcomes. 

Global Design Centers

Our global facilities keep us close to our customers.

on-site engineering

Co-located engineers on-site solve customers’ challenges in real time.

next-gen labs

Advanced Development Labs drive next-gen technologies and innovation across industries.