November 15, 2015

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Will CEO Ed Breen slash DuPont or grow it?
"He's a natural customer person," and a magnet to his peers, says Thomas Lynch, a General Instrument veteran who moved the family to California at Breen's behest to fix a troubled unit and was later rewarded when Breen tapped him as CEO for TE Connectivity. "He'd get our families together to play baseball," turn double plays, and then talk business over a glass of white wine - nothing fancy - at a Bucks County country tavern near home.


"Ed is decisive, but he's not rash. He lets things bake. He's very good at identifying the handful of issues. He taught us to know the strengths of the company and build around them. And not to delude ourselves. Don't make it too complicated," Lynch added.



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