May 25, 2015

Source: PaddockTalk

"Team Reports - Simona De Silvestro No. 29 TE Connectivity Honda"

"It was kind of a so-so day. I made a bit of a mistake at the restart where I ran into (Juan Pablo) Montoya; it didn’t hurt him as much as it did us, I guess (haha). It was a long day… The car felt pretty good, we just couldn’t get by people - that was the trickiest part - we really struggled on passing people. It felt great to be back at Indianapolis Motor Speedway - the fans were awesome. I wish we had a better result, I’m pretty disappointed but on to the next one. Huge thank you to everyone at TE Connectivity for giving me the opportunity, and the Andretti Autosport guys did an amazing job the whole month, so I’m looking forward to hopefully working with everyone here at Andretti again.


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