electronica 2016

Industry Tradeshow

electronica 2016

Join TE Connectivity (TE) at electronica 2016, the world´s leading trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications.

November 8-11, 2016

MAIN EXHIBIT: Hall B2 | Booth 225

SENSORS EXHIBIT: Hall B1 |  Booth 233

Messe München, Munich, Germany

Connected Life. From home to work, on and off road, and in the air, connectivity is transforming our lives. The experiences we undertake and the products we use all rely on shared data, adding rich communications to every interaction. More information, shared by more devices, informs better decisions on everything from how to keep your home at a comfortable temperature to how to fly an airplane in a fuel-efficient manner.


Connectivity has the power to entertain and add comfort to our lives — but it also makes our lives safer and the planet greener. Connected cars and aircraft operate safely and reduce harmful emissions. Connected factories are more efficient and allow workers to create innovative new products and solve problems faster. Connected trucks and industrial vehicles get crops harvested and buildings built in less time, even under harsh operating conditions.

To meet the high expectations for connected devices, manufacturers need hardware that is completely reliable and cannot fail; is small, light, and multifunctional; and offers affordability at high volume. In response, solution providers are increasingly looking across many industries for knowledge to help innovate and solve problems in their market as connectivity needs and end-user expectations continue to converge. At electronica 2016, you’ll learn more about the critical role that such technology plays in the creation of the connected life — and how TE sensors, connectors and other components are making every connection count.

TE is a partner in the process of creating connected car systems, engaging with customers earlier in the design process to accelerate innovation as cars evolve.
With our unmatched portfolio of connectivity solutions, your connected home innovations are limited only by your imagination.
We consistently deliver proven value and performance and increasingly lighter weight solutions for customer applications.
Factory systems can reliably and efficiently generate and transmit – in real-time, to other machines anywhere – data, power, and signal.
We deliver reliable connectivity and sensing products designed to withstand harsh environments in applications where failure is not an option.
  1. Enabling Cleaner Diesel Engines

TE's Marcus Schulte describes how we work with our customers to help limit vehicle emissions. One example is a sensor we created to measure the quality and concentration of urea in systems that reduce the amount of greenhouse gases created by diesel engines.

  • Engineering Precision in Sensors (English)

  • Making Aviation More Efficient with Sensors (English)

  • Digitizing Factories for the Future