Unwavering Commitment

Governance, Compliance and Ethics

Enabling our employees to operate with the highest ethical standards, while ensuring the strictest compliance with global regulatory frameworks

At TE, we believe that the foundation for long-term success is adherence to a strong set of core values and ethics. We have taken great care in identifying the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable and have created the infrastructure to ensure that we live by those commitments. Our four core values — Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork and Innovation — define how we lead and grow our business. These values are essential to the success of our bottom line, but also to our long term partnership with our customers and our continuing engagement with our employees and communities.

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World's Most Ethical 2017
World's Most Ethical 2016
World's Most Ethical 2015

We bring our four values to life through our commitment to ethics and compliance, as well as through sound risk management. Our values govern our conduct, engage our employees and emphasize that everyone at TE has a role to play to ensure we live our values in every part of our business, from sourcing materials for our products, to interacting with our colleagues, suppliers and customers.

TE promotes a values-based culture of compliance across the company to enable our business to thrive. While our strategy also helps protect TE and our stakeholders from unnecessary risk, our core values are one of the main ways we engage our employees to make TE the industry leader it is today.