My TE Internship

Want to know what it's really like to intern at TE Connectivity? Read first-hand accounts of internship experiences from our most recent class.

People at TE work together to continuously improve how things are done and challenge the status quo.
Kelly Iguchi,
Human Resources Intern

Kelly Iguchi

It took me a while to find the career that was right for me. Because I had so many different interests, I decided to do my undergrad in Engineering since that was my father’s career and I really admired him. However, after graduating and working in Civil Engineering for several years, I knew I didn’t have a passion for it; it was just a normal job. Then I took the MBTI personality assessment and that was the start of my journey with human behavior, personal development and career coaching that led me to HR.

My goal is to provide support for organizations by putting people with the right skills in the right positions, working with training and development, career progression, and performance evaluation and to foster an effective organization culture while promoting the organizations strategic and long term goals. I decided to get my MBA at Michigan State University to make my transition to HR, and I’m glad I chose TE for my summer internship.

First, I identify a lot with TE’s collaborative and innovative culture. People at TE work together to continuously improve how things are done and challenge the status quo. I also love how TE is a very ethical company where integrity is part of the core values. Most importantly, TE is a company that values its people, and to unleash employees’ potential through inclusion and development is part of the strategy map.

Second, I love the team I work with. Even though I’m just an intern for the summer, I feel very included. They include me in staff meetings and other project meetings that I’m interested at. They always ask my opinion and value my recommendations. They also give projects that I’m very interested about and that are challenging, impactful and valuable for the company. I’m working with Employee Engagement and Recognition, Inclusion and Diversity, University Relations. I love how my projects are connected with the company’s strategic goals.

Finally, I also have the opportunity to see what the routine of the HR department is and provide some assistance to them, as they provide support for their client groups and work on other different projects at the same time.

My internship at TE was what I needed to confirm that I have truly found my passion in HR, and I’m really grateful for all the opportunities my team gave to me to learn, to explore different areas in HR, to express my opinion and especially to include me and value my contributions. My TE internship exceeded my expectations and now I feel ready for the new opportunities I will encounter in the future.

What I enjoy most from my internship experience is the trust and freedom that I am given.
Jing Pan,
Business Development Intern

Jing Pan

Being a small team in TE Connectivity, the Channel Business Development team has created a dynamic work environment. As much as I enjoyed fast-paced work from previous experience, I was a little worried that it would be challenging to adapt to the new life at TE. However, the people here really made this transition easy for me. In the first month, I was assigned several small projects to get familiar with the frameworks and tools that the team uses. And by chatting with our director and managers, I have learned things at a high level such as methodologies and the role that the channel team plays at TE. Additionally, I am able to reach out to people from around the organization with questions; they are always helpful and delivering the ECE (Extraordinary Customer Experiences) within TE the whole time.
It is awesome that I have gained great exposure and am involved in every aspect of the project: from writing project proposals to conducting analysis and then drafting presentations. Moreover, my supervisor has been trying to develop my project management skills by letting me drive and initiate most work streams while he provides instructions and resources to make sure I am on the right track. It makes me feel like I’m managing my own project. I could never ask for a better mentor.
To sum up, what I enjoy the most from my internship experience is the trust and freedom that I have been given. With trust, I am able to provide insights and present my findings to internal stakeholders. With freedom, I have learned to manage a project and my time instead of just digging into details. I really appreciate the opportunity that TE gives me and am constantly impressed by the people I meet. This internship experience has definitely exceeded my expectations.

I feel at home working at TE Connectivity, and I'm looking forward to coming back with bigger and better ideas!
Alison Okeke,
Product Management Intern

Alison Okeke

Product Manager Intern

When I recieved my offer letter for a Product Management intern position with the appliances business at TE Connectivity, I was initially very nervous because this was my first internship. But as they say, "experience is the best teacher", so I anticipated on my new journey to come. I didn’t know what to expect, but I had expectations and goals for myself that I knew I wanted to achieve. As soon as I arrived at TE I could already see myself achieving those goals.

All of my anxiety was relieved when I frist met with my team. I made strong connections and built friendships with both full-time coworkers and other interns. That gave me a lot of confidence to work through my projects seamlessly and earn positive feedback from my supervisors around the world.

One thing I really appreciate from working at TE Connectivity is the diverse work environment and how it positively effects innovation because everyone feels like their opinions counts. I also love the flexibility given during work hours.  I love the ability to go to the gym to refocus and brainstorm ideas to use to accomplishing my projects. Based on my experience, I must say I really felt at home working at TE Connectivity and I am looking forward to coming back with bigger and better ideas. 

One of the most valuable aspects of my internship is knowing that the work I do helps to make a difference for TE and its employees every day.
Lauren Baskett,
HR Intern, ICT

Lauren Baskett

Before starting my internship at TE I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never worked a day of my life in HR. Would I be appreciated and valued as an intern? Could I keep up with the work I would be assigned? What if I didn’t enjoy the projects I’ll be working on? Would I even like the team of people I would be working with for three months? These were all questions that ran through my head for weeks leading up to my first day. However, it didn’t take long for my worries and fears to quickly diminish. 

On my first day I was given my project plan, and I knew right then and there that my experience this summer would far exceed my expectations. Not only was I given projects that would expose me to the many facets of HR, but they were all impactful to the company. Throughout the summer I have had the opportunity to be an active member of global HR teams, where my contributions are highly valued and I am treated as any other member of the team. One of the most valuable aspects of my internship is knowing that the work I do helps to make a difference for TE and its employees every day.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I belong here and that my values are closely aligned with TE’s values. With that said, what I love most about TE is the culture and the people. When I met my team within Industrial and Commercial Transportation (ICT) I was pleasantly surprised by how happy, helpful, and invested everyone was in helping me succeed. As busy as everyone within my various teams has been throughout the summer, they have taken time to help me in any way they can. The people at TE take great pride in exemplifying and using TE’s values of integrity, accountability, teamwork, and innovation as the foundation for everything they do.
I look back at everything I have accomplished over the last two months of my internship and am amazed how much I have learned and grown as a person as well as a professional. The people I have worked with have become family to me and I will be sad to leave them as I go into my last year of Graduate school at Penn State. However, I hope to return to the organization upon completing my Master’s program to continue to make an impact at TE Connectivity.

A day in the life as an intern at TE can be summed up into three words - welcoming, innovative, professional.
David Ohmer,
Channel Business Intern

David Ohmer

Being a person who has a balanced mindset of strategic thinking and developing people at their core, interacting with all levels of employees is part of what makes me tick. What makes me tick is being able to find out what makes others tick in order to make each employee satisfied with working where they work, all well simultaneously improving engagement and performance- both individually and overall.

Which leads me to why I chose TE over any other opportunity- the culture. If you’re like me and want a company that lives and breathes their culture, then TE is the right place for you. From unheard of projects for interns that actually make an impact on business, to the autonomy, trust, and respect that is given to you day 1, I have never felt more at home. I started out working on one project in Talent Development, and now my interests have been heard and I am working on two more additional projects!

A day in the life for me as an intern at TE can be summed up into three words- welcoming, innovative, professional. Above everything, I see that we like to make everyone feel welcome here at TE. From numerous Employee Resource Groups to just simple interactions with any level of employee, TE is a culture where no one is left out or made to feel less than someone else. I find myself being able to approach anyone at any time, and that I truly have room to be innovative in my work. TE supports a fun and open environment, but you also know that being professional is still key to getting the work done.

To end, I would like to share a quote that I am working to live by, as well as what I feel TE truly lives by:

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”
– Sir Richard Branson 

It is very rewarding to know I am working towards something that creates real value for the company.
Jiawen Wang ,
Metals Procurement Intern

Jiawen Wang

Similar to most new interns, I was very nervous when I first started at TE. However, everyone was so friendly and welcoming; I had no problem adjusting to the new environment within the first couple of days. My experience has been unique compared to other TE interns in that I have had a split schedule between the Corporate Central Led Metals Team and the Electronics Team. The projects I work on with the two teams are very different; it almost seems like I’ve had two internships this summer.
With the electronics group, I’ve had the opportunity to contact TE’s OEMs to gather their smelter locations for Conflict Minerals. I've learned that TE has a very high standard for Ethics. TE asks the OEMs to provide more Conflict Minerals information beyond what the law requires.
Interestingly enough, I worked on something completely different for the metals team. I worked with our newly acquired company, Creganna Medical, headquartered in Ireland to assist them with gathering pricing tables for minimally invasive medical device wire with over 300 part numbers from more than ten different TE manufacturing locations.
I love the diversity of TE Connectivity. Each corporate team and business unit is so different and that gave me the opportunity to be able to see and experience many different job opportunities. I never thought I could be doing something this important for the company as an intern. I appreciate that TE gave me such a great chance to learn and to make an impact to the organization. It is very rewarding to know I am working towards something that creates real value for the company.
I learned so much in the past two months. I can’t imagine how much more I could learn if my internship didn’t have to end so quickly. I loved my time with TE this summer. I would love to apply the skills I have learned to a full-time role with TE Connectivity in the future!

By far the most invaluable learning experience I have had in my collegiate career.
Tyler Rochelle ,
Engineer Project Management Intern

Tyler Rochelle

Having my first internship experience after my Sophomore year I was very unsure about if I would be given busy work all summer or if any of the employees would actually pay attention to me at all. I quickly came to find that was not the case and that all of the people in my functional department took the time to talk to me and get to know me. There has never been a point where I felt embarrassed to ask a question and people seem to always take the time out of their day to make sure you fully comprehend your tasks. After a great experience, I quickly accepted when given an offer to come back this summer. This summer I have been very involved in actually driving projects and managing full cross- functional teams. It can be stressful but I have had the opportunity to work with most members of the company and gain a vast amount of insight on most of the functional teams within TE. I have had an a chance to work with customer orders and managing shipping schedules to meet multiple customers’ needs. I have also been asked to sit in on a couple of Kaizen (continuous improvement) events and give insight. The company really values interns as an outside perspective to look at a problem from a new angle. There hasn’t ever really been a time where I have felt neglected because I am an intern. There really is not ever a dull moment and if you are interested in learning more about a certain process within the company then the people are always happy to explain and help you learn. By far the most invaluable learning experience I have had in my collegiate career. Also HR does a good job of getting the interns connected and participating in young professionals groups as well as setting us up for our own activities. This has been an incredible learning experience filled with fun challenges and fun people to work with. I don’t think you will have any issue in finding the same supportive environment that I have at TE.  

The large, diverse makeup of the company has allowed me to gain valuable insights into aspects of engineering and product development, as I work to make a lasting impact on the development of a real product.
Ward Prescott,
Engineering Intern

Ward Prescott

Advanced development engineering – synonymous with R&D – is at the forefront of TE’s new and exciting technologies. The Industrial Business Unit’s Advanced Development Team is a mix of various disciplines and offices spread throughout the world. For the summer of 2016, I was a member of a particular Advanced Development group, the Advanced Electronic Solutions Team out of Harrisburg, PA. After 10 short weeks, I’ve been impressed at the opportunities and responsibilities interns have been given, whether their focus is on engineering, finance, or business. At TE, I feel more like a full-time employee than an intern. Since the first day of my internship my work has been focused on the electronics and firmware development for a single project. Without disclosing too much, I am working on an innovative industrial product that takes an existing technology to the next level and brings with it some very interesting engineering challenges. I receive guidance and knowledge on the project as needed, but otherwise I have been remarkably free to operate as a primary electrical engineer over the period of my internship. Because I am doing more than just completing specific tasks as they are assigned to me, I have been very invested in the product and gained exposure to a real engineering workflow.

So what does a typical day look like? Take this particular Wednesday. In the morning I listened into the corporate Q3 analyst call, and learned that TE is set to acquire a company that could provide beneficial resources to the product I am developing. After the call, I turned my attention to a high-level accuracy analysis for my project and created a diagram illustrating the flow of in-accuracies throughout the system. Before I could finish, I received a call from a technician in TE’s Harrisburg Model Shop who was fabricating the metal parts for a high-precision test rig I designed a few weeks prior. The technician told me that my CAD drawings were unclear about the depth of some threaded holes, so I headed across TE’s Fulling Mill Road Campus with screws in hand to clear up the discrepancy. It only took a few minutes to clear up the issue with the technician, but he was happy to let me stay for another hour to watch him work on my parts. When lunch time arrived, I ate at my desk and drafted up a meeting agenda to discuss specifications with a colleague from Germany who designed the sensors used by my product. I divided my time after lunch between performing a frequency analysis on the circuit board I had designed at the beginning of the summer, and working on more documentation that will enable my work to be expanded upon at the end of the summer. These activities kept me busy until I headed home for the day.

Across the board, my time at TE has been incredibly educational and engaging. The large, diverse makeup of the company has allowed me to gain valuable insights into aspects of engineering and product development, as I work to make a lasting impact on the development of a real product. As an engineering student with a passion for “getting my hands dirty” I’ve been very happy with my time at TE and would recommend the internship program to any other like-minded individual.

I am thankful that TE gave me an opportunity to face challenges and grow.
Tasmia Mustaquim,
STRADA Whisper Engineer Intern

Tasmia Mustaquim

In college, you often hear horror stories about internships where your friends get bogged down with extremely difficult tasks, projects that don’t have anything to do with their interests, or worst of all, no project at all. It takes a lot of effort to land an internship and the last thing you would want is to not gain anything from it.
Thankfully, my experience at TE has been anything but that. My first day was hectic; going from orientation to meeting my manager, my team, and mentor. I wasn’t given just one large project to work on, but a bunch of little things to get started on.
My mentor gave me the option of pursuing something that could have been quite difficult, but I decided to take on the challenge and learned immensely from it. As the summer progressed, my main project developed organically from the work I was doing. The same project allowed me to gain skills on a variety of topics ranging from CAD to statistical analysis.
TE is a well-established global corporation and it can be difficult to come in as a new hire and hit the ground running. There’s an abundance of acronyms that getthrown around and a seemingly complicated web of systems in place. However, at every step of the way, I had a team of engineers and staff members to rely on for help.
In the fall, I’ll be starting my senior year of college with a ton of new experience and a more well-rounded perspective on engineering. And that’s all I can ask for from an internship. I am thankful that TE gave me an opportunity to face challenges and grow. 

It is the innovative and collaborative culture that makes TE Connectivity such an incredible place to work.
Adeline Brooks ,
ICT Intern

Adeline Brooks

When I first started my internship at TE Connectivity, I had no idea what to expect. Like many other new employees and summer interns, I was hoping for the best but also prepared for the worst. However, my fears of spending a boring summer filing papers were completed diminished within the first few hours of being welcomed. Even as a summer intern, I immediately felt as though I had a place here at TE Connectivity. I could also tell from day one that there was something really different and positive about this organization. At first it was very hard to pinpoint, but now I know it is the innovative and collaborative culture that makes TE Connectivity such an incredible place to work. During the short six weeks I have spent here thus far, I have had the opportunity to work with people throughout all different levels of the organization and develop an extensive network. My buddy, mentor, and various subject matter experts and employees throughout the organization have been extremely receptive and open to helping me with any questions I have and giving me feedback on my projects. I believe a large part of my success here thus far involves this supportive, inclusive environment.

One of my favorite aspects of the summer internship is the fact that I am able to make a significant contribution to the organization. I knew that I would gain valuable experiences here this summer, but I was not expecting to feel so connected to the organization. Because of this, it is extremely rewarding to know that when I am at work each day, I am making a difference through the impact my projects are having on the organization.

If someone asked me about my least favorite part of the summer internship, I would honestly say it is the fact that it has to end. I have already learned so much in the time I have been here, and I know I will continue to learn exponentially more over the remaining six weeks. The experiences I am gaining at TE Connectivity go above and beyond what I hoped I would get out of this summer internship, and I hope to leverage my internship experience to position myself appropriately for a full-time role with TE Connectivity in the future.

Everyday is something different. I am being exposed to everything and limited to none.
Erin Zern ,
Product Management Intern

Erin Zern

When thinking of a career path, there is commonly an associated major: accounting students become accountants, engineering students become engineers, and pre-med students become doctors. High school graduates pick a door and from there the classes, semester schedule, internship or co-op programs and even alumni organizations are arranged, established and waiting on the other side. As an International Studies and Spanish student, the programs are “tailored to meet your personal goals” or in other words, there is not one. It is a Choose-Your-Own Adventure degree. That is what I am graduating with - the core credits hours required to earn degrees in economics, political science, geography, business administration, history, and linguistics, but two pieces of paper that leave me qualified for absolutely nothing and everything at the same time.

For many, it would have been a nightmare. As a rising senior at West Virginia University, I would not have had it any other way. The structures of the classes were as varied as the subject matter itself. The only consistency was that there was none. I was exposed to everything and limited to none. My entire focus was never pulled to one niche of course study, instead all the material was based in macro concepts. I learned how to see economics in a political context and analyze politics in economic terms. It was everything I ever wanted and more from a university program, and I believed I would never find its equal outside the world of academia.

Despite my love for the varied course work, it proved problematic when it came time to apply it in the real world. What career path can you follow when you have been exposed to many but specialized in none? The best advice anyone could give me was to become certified and teach Spanish. After hours of writing cover letters, filling out applications, and attending career fairs, I found myself at the steps of TE Connectivity assigned to an internship position of which I had never heard –Product Management. There is no product management class or degree in the WVU College of Business and Economics. There is no national honors society or co-op program. Product Management does not even exist in the liberal arts world –a world where just about any major is considered legitimate. Within my first few days here at TE, I learned why: Product Management is a Choose-Your-Own Adventure career. It incorporates finance, marketing, data analytics, and at TE you even need to be comfortable with some general engineering and technical concepts to understand the product. There is no specific niche for it. It is a position that focuses its efforts on the macro level.

Since I started the summer internship: I have worked with people across the business units and segments; I have gathered data to analyze and implement cost reduction initiatives for Amplimite products; I have done inventory and participated manually in the construction of High Speed Pluggable I/O sample boards to be used by sales teams; I have worked with product managers around the globe to put together and organize product information into a customer friendly format; I have assessed product markets and created strategic plans to optimize product growth within Data and Devices; I have visited manufacturing plants and sat in on training sessions to not only learn what my role is but how the product management role fits into the company framework; I have become more adept in Excel in six weeks than through semesters of university courses. No two projects or tasks are the same. Every day it is something different. The only consistency is that there is not one. I am being exposed to everything and limited to none.