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Interns & Co-Op

10-12 Week Programs

Looking to gain hands-on experience in a multicultural environment? TE Connectivity hosts interns and co-ops throughout the year across all of our businesses and regions. Our 10-12 week internships allow them to gain valuable experience in their chosen field, while also experiencing a real work environment. In addition to specialized projects during the internships, our interns also gain exposure to senior leadership, as well as participate in community events, intern networking events, and personal and professional development training. At the end of our internships, each intern will give a final project presentation to showcase their work to the TE Community. 


Gabriela Cach

Product Management Intern

Gabriela is a student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Chemical Engineering with minors in Business Administration and Technology & Policy. Gabriela interns in TE's Intelligent Buildings business launching new street-lighting products into the market. She is working to provide her department a competitive cross reference for new products as well as customer presentations for


Adeline Brooks

Human Resources Intern

Adeline is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management at Appalachian State University. In her role as a Human Resource Intern for the Industrial and Commercial Transportation business, Adeline focuses on developing multiple strategic HR projects while also assisting with day-to-day operations. One of her key project involves developing a Change Management Toolkit, which she will provide training on and implement into the business. This Toolkit will offer change agents the tools and resources necessary to increase organizational agility and efficiency during change initiatives. Adeline hopes to develop an understanding of how HR functions in a global, innovative organization and apply what she has learned thus far in the classroom to the workplace.  


Suvrat Bhargava

Contact Physics Intern

Suvrat is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in mechanical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with his dissertation focused on tribological characterization of graphene-filled polymer composites. At TE, Suvrat is a contact physics/tribology intern within the corporate technology business unit supporting various businesses across the company. His role focuses on understanding the wear of advanced materials used in existing electrical connectors and also developing technologies for the future. 


Tyler Rochelle

Project Management Intern

Tyler is a Systems Engineering student at UNC- Charlotte back for consecutive summers interning in project management at TE. He enjoys having a very hands on and engaged role working on multiple project teams to  drive cost and timing metrics to customer satisfaction.


Tyler works on multiple projects within the business to improve how our TE operates. He hopes to gain experience in project management, LEAN management, and continuous improvement in business.Tyler says, "Every day is a new challenge and I enjoy working within a culture of very supportive people."

Rotation Associates

2 Year Program

Targeted at early career professionals, our rotation program accelerates participant's development in order to build a talent pipeline of future mid-career leaders with functional expertise. This program focuses on a holistic development approach by combining intensive on-the-job training, exposure to senior leadership, and knowledge sharing among participants. This is a global program, but executed regionally. TE has 2-year long rotation programs in the following functions: Supply Chain, Operations, Manufacturing Engineering, product Development Engineering, Finance, and Human Resources.  

My experience as a Rotation Associate helped me grow both professionally and personally. I gained diverse, in-depth experiences in my function, a strong network of coworkers and leaders, and a great group of friends from across our various sites.
Megan Garcia ,
HR Business Partner

Full Time Roles

TE Connectivity is looking for talented graduates to be part of our innovative connector and sensor solutions. As a part of the TE team, you will be able to apply your expertise to solve real-world problems using creative and innovative solutions. Our industry leaders will coach and guide you as you take calculated risks to advance the future of connector and sensor technology, all while helping you to develop your professional networks.


Our Apprenticeship programs are targeted to candidates with technical skills and a desire to grow within the manufacturing sector. Offered across the globe, our Apprenticeship programs are intended to give hands-on experience while supporting your educational goals.