I feel very lucky to have had so many opportunities to do different work at TE Connectivity

Sunny holds a Master Degree in Mechanical & Electronics Engineering from Central South University.  She has worked at TE Connectivity in Shenzhen China since 1999. Sunny has worked in various different functions ranging from Application & Marketing, R&D Engineering, and Engineering Systems and Collaboration. 

Describe a shift early in career that shifted your goals and expectations. How did it lead you to new opportunities?

I feel very lucky to have had so many opportunities to do different work at TE connectivity. Changing roles between R&D Engineering and the Marketing & Application side of the business helped me to have a very good overall view and balance between TE and our external customer, project execution and business sense, and technical development and communication skills.

Working in Marketing & Application, I have to respond to the customer promptly and provide the solution to customer application - which helped me to improve my communication skills. To develop the application platform, the technical sense and deep understanding of the customer's design work is needed - which drove me to have a clear understanding of how to develop a product to meet customer request with much clearer view. Application is mixing work: supporting the worldwide products to multiple applications (Appliance, Industrial, rail), which helped me to see the full product roadmap and applications overview, and linked between.

When I shifted back to the Engineering team, my responsibility was to help staff to design the right product. My marketing background helped me influence the team to design the right product that aligned with the customer needs, market trend, product roadmap, and business strategy.

As a Engineering manager, there are several sub-functions within the team (New Product Development, Product Engineering, MDE, Laboratory, FAE), This role gave me more experience to drive the multi-functions with efficient management tools - which enhanced my overall management capabilities.

My staff, located in different regions such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Austria, France and the US, give me the opportunity to learn different cultures and adopt to the communication too.

Generally speaking, my different roles have given me a more broad & deep view, which absolutely influenced each other.  I have gained many pesonal developments as well as helped to drive business growth. 

  1. Unleashing Potential

At TE, we focus on enabling women to reach their full potential through inspiration, networking, mentoring, and professional development.

What is the best part of your job today?

The best part of my role is igniting the inspiration of my engineering staff to deliver the innovative technology our customer’s require.

Why TE?

TE is a broad platform that provides all employees with opportunity and the ability to develop their potential.


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