E-waste in Europe: The Netherlands

E-waste in Europe: The Netherlands

Collection and Recycling Arrangements

Collection and Recycling Arrangements in the Netherlands

Under the Dutch Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Management Regulations which came into force on January 1st 2005, TE is responsible for the financing of collection and recycling of the following equipment:

  • Any electrical and electronic equipment that you bought from TE before August 13th 2005 (referred to as Historic WEEE), which is being replaced by a new piece of equipment bought from TE; and
  • Any new electrical and electronic equipment that you buy from TE after August 13th 2005, when that new equipment eventually becomes waste (referred to as New WEEE).

For any other waste electrical and electronic equipment bought before August 13th 2005 which is being replaced by an item of TE electrical and electronic equipment, the environmentally sound disposal of this other equipment is the customers responsibility.

TE has established a recycling contract with the European Advanced Recycling Network (EARN) and will cover the costs of collection and transport if arranged for by the EARN recycling partner; as well as any costs of treatment, recycling and recovery of the equipment on arrival at the EARN recycling facility in the Netherlands. All New WEEE that arises from the purchase of TE products is classed as non-hazardous waste.

If you have any waste TE equipment to be disposed of, please contact EARN directly:
EARN Elektroaltgeräte Service GmbH
Landstrasse 91
38644 Goslar
Email: office@earn-service.com
Phone: +49 (0)5321 68359-0
Fax: +49 (0)5321 68359-11

EARN will inform their Dutch recycling partner Coolrec BV who will contact you to arrange collection.

In order to help EARN identify TE equipment upon arrival at the recycler's address, please download the Recycling Label for Dutch Customers. Complete the label with your company details and attach it to a suitable box for transport to EARN.

Recycling label for The Netherlands