Linear Displacement Sensors - Linear Potentiometer

Linear Displacement Sensors - Linear Potentiometer

TE Connectivity (TE) manufactures high-performance, sealed, linear potentiometers for quick delivery.

TE provides both miniature and industrial linear potentiometers.  All models mount via rod-end bearings for ease of installation and long life. All are sealed against the environment and have wiper/elements designed for high life. Models MLP and CLP are miniature in size, available in ranges to 11.5" (290 mm) and are popular in motorsport, testing and automation applications. The model CLWG features M12 connectivity, is available in ranges to 30" (750 mm) and is well proven in industrial applications.

CLP Series

Developed specifically to meet the needs of the auto racing industry and proven in industrial applications, our CLP series position transducers offer unrivalled performance in terms of accuracy, repeatability, life expectancy and ease of mounting. The combination of individually corrected conductive plastic elements and precious metal wipers provide a cost effective measuring system which can operate effectively without being unduly influenced by external environmental conditions. 

CLP linear potentiometer

MLP Series

Our miniature MLP series linear potentiometers offer excellent performance in an amazingly small size. Though small, the MLP is environmentally robust (IP67), operates over a broad temperature range (-22° to 300°F) and is long lasting (>25 million cycles). These features make our miniature MLP linear potentiometer the perfect solution for many applications including industrial, medical, automotive and motion control.

MLP miniature linear potentiometer
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CLWG Series

Developed specifically for a wide range of demanding applications, our CLWG series position transducers offer unrivaled performance in terms of accuracy, repeatability, life expectancy and ease of mounting. Such applications include industrial automation, automotive and robotics. The CLWG uses a twin-bearing actuating rod, backlash-free pivot heads and a superior wiper system to provide outstanding linearity and performance. 

CLWG rugged potentiometer
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