Raychem Plug-In Terminations RPIT inner cone termination

Making Powerful Connections

Raychem Plug-In Terminations (RPIT) are medium voltage inner cone connectors for substations and cable networks to enable the reliable transfer of power from its source to the end consumer.

TE delivers a full line of inner cone termination products and accessories that deliver high performance, withstand harsh environments and are compatible with existing systems meeting EN 50180 and EN 50181 requirements. RPIT inner cone terminations are available in size 2 and 3 for gas-insulated switchgears and transformers up to 52 kV. The separable connectors can be customized with phosphor bronze protection covers for harsh environmments, optional voltage detection points and can be adapted to any type of cables. RPIT separable connectors are ideal for any medium voltage applications such as rail, oil and gas, wind power and offshore. TE makes the installation of inner cone terminations simple and quick by using silicone components and offering an easy-to-handle installation tool. 


  • Shielded inline connection for switchgears, transformers up to 52 kV
  • Metal-enclosed, hermetically insulated and suitable for outdoor use 
  • Designed to be used for different conductor types in accordance with IEC 60228
  • Special design for wind power stations, offshore applications with bronze protection covers 
  • Optional voltage detection point

RPIT Full Line of Products and Accessories

For Any Project Stage Needs
  • Inner cones terminations and bushings size 2 and 3 up to 52 kV with optional voltage detection point
  • Insulating caps for electrical insulation and sealing of bushings
  • Voltage testing socket for on-site testing on RPIT terminations
  • Current testing socket for use on switchgears, transformers and transducers
  • Installation tool compatible with industry-wide standards
RPIT 6 Reasons to make TE Partner of Choice

Reliability, customized design and support on demand are some of the key reasons to make TE your partner of choice.


Years of Experience in Cable Accessories

Innovation does not stop at a component. At TE, we are constantly innovating through the customized solutions we create for customers´ unique project needs and challenges. Our 60+ years of experience in cable accessories development and manufacturing enable us to provide an exceptional range of products for low, medium, high voltage applications.


Engineers in Your Pocket

When you make TE your partner of choice, you gain the advantage of a global team of experts at your fingertips. Our worldwide network of more than 7,000 engineers and field technicians provide local language assistance, technical design, installation and on-site training support.