Low Voltage Heat Shrink Joints


With a proven track record of innovation in material science and manufacturing, TE is proud to offer a streamlined portfolio of Low Voltage Joints and Splices.

In Low Voltage applications, reliability and ease of installation are key to maintaining efficient and high-performing networks. TE serves its customers with technology and solutions that not only meet those needs, but are also designed to address the most challenging technical and safety requirements. From fire resistant joints and splices to solutions that can be installed temporarily in the energy infrastructure, TE’s heat shrink products for Low Voltage applications are built to withstand environmental extremes over long operating lifetimes.

low voltage heat shrink

Pioneers of Polymeric Engineering (English)

Mike Stine and Kathy Maher share the history of heat shrink technology and its proven performance over the past 40 years, across the globe and in the harshest environments.