TE's Raychem Dual Cable Clamp


TE's Raychem cable clamps have a patented design which optimises clamping force at the attachment point and the cable by securing each clamp half separately. Cables can be aligned in the bottom half of the clamp prior to final tightening.

TE's Raychem single, dual and trefoil cable clamps are available with or without hardware and as a single- or double-stacked configuration. The end fittings are available in slide plate, strut nut and flat mount versions for mounting on rails or plates. Furthermore, TE Connectivity’s in-house design team is on hand to produce tailor made schematics and specify technical details for custom cable clamp layouts that suit your specific needs.


  • The range accepts cable diameters from 15 - 106mm
  • Can be mounted using the center bolt or 2 bolts at the extremities
  • Captive elastomeric inserts for increased cable protection and containment
  • Optimised for harsh environments with stainless steel hardware and self-extinguishing UV stabilised materials
CC Cable Clamp
CCD Cable Clamp Dual
CCT Cable Clamp Trefoil
  1. Installation Video of TE's Raychem Cable Clamps (English)

Components of and how to use TE's Raychem cable clamps.