Lighter, safer and stronger.

Lighter, safer and stronger.

Axicom Hollow Core Insulators (HCIs) are trusted around the world for their outstanding reliability in high voltage apparatus. As well as outperforming traditional porcelain insulators, they offer cost efficiency and other key benefits to OEMs. With the extension of Axicom’s HTV product range that reputation gets even stronger.

The global demand for composite insulators in high voltage applications continues to grow, and since 1988, TE’s Axicom polymeric hollow core technology has proven to be a reliable, robust product. Axicom HCI components are made of premium quality of glass-fiber reinforced resin tube, silicone rubber housing, and aluminum alloy flanges. This makes them suitable for many high voltage outdoor applications, up to 1100 kV AC and 800 kV DC.


Our HCI’s offer a number of benefits compared to porcelain insulators. The design and material make them lighter in weight, eliminating support structures, lowers transportation cost, and is much easier to handle. Performance wise, HCI has a proven reputation for reliability, even under extreme environments. Crucially, composite insulators are a high performance product that is cost-effective and a dependable solution.

Silicone Housing Available for both LSR and HTV with flanges

Silicone Housing Available for both LSR and HTV with flanges

Silicone Housing

Available for both LSR and HTV with flanges

The silicone housing that TE employs improves insulating behavior and protects against simultaneous moisture and pollution threats.

• Alternating shed profile designed and optimised according to IEC 60815-3.

• High environmental protection

• High and long-term stable hydrophobicity

• Excellent tracking and UV resistance

• Aluminum end flanges in cast and solid version with direct seal technology


Light weight and easier handling during assembly


Silicon housing delivering improved insulating behaviour


Flexible sheds reducing risk of breakage and vandalism


Sealer technology improved mechanical performance and anti-delamination under extreme temperature conditions


Composite structure improving safety in seismic areas

Features & Benefits

Axicom HCIs offer customers multiple benefits:

  • Stable performance and high reliability
  • Wide range of voltages and applications
  • Proven performance even in severe conditions
  • Stronger resistance to pollution and seismic activity
  • Reduced likelihood of explosive accidents
  • Lightweight design and easy installation
  • High and long-term stable hydrophobicity

Common Applications

Axicom HCIs can be used in a wide variety of applications:
  • Cable Terminations
  • Bushing Housing
  • Station Post Insulators
  • Gas Filled Bushings
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Live Tank Breakers
  • Dead Tank Breakers
  • Surge Arrester Housings

Extraordinary Customer Service

With the opening of our new manufacturing plant at Kunshan, we are poised to deliver an enhanced service for Axicom HCI customers in Asia. This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has been specially designed to deliver our high performance products as well as full technical support. This new plant further strengthens our global capabilities building on more than 25 years’ experience at our Wohlen facility in Switzerland. The benefits include:

  • Unrivalled technical expertise
  • Full range of design and solution capabilities
  • Tailored customer solutions
  • Faster delivery times and greater cost-efficiencies
  • Benchmark testing capability according to requirements
  • HV testing capabilities for Hollow Core Insulators up to 1,000 kV and Equipment Bushings up to 550 kV