Pin Spot Lighting

Pin Spot Lighting

Spot-on illumination. TE is a trusted supplier of pin spot lighting products that accent and illuminate in-vehicle application areas where it’s needed the most, such as door release and grab handles, map pockets, foot wells and glove boxes.

Lighting Your World. TE’s ambient lighting products provide custom solutions with rapid prototyping expertise, high product performance, a customized product platform and an experienced launch team for vehicle applications. Our products emphasize cross-industry engineering expertise to deliver innovative lighting solutions that empower your designs.  We also provide discrete cable assemblies, using components designed to suit the customer and application, all terminated with in-house application tooling available in high and low volume production. 

Pin Spot Lighting
Pin Spot Lighting for Door Pocket
Pin Spot Lighting
Pin Spot Lighting for Door Handle
auto pin spot lighting 1
auto pin spot lighting 2

Automotive Lighting Solutions

For Accents

With custom designs for exterior accent and interior auxiliary lighting, our solutions meet the ambient requirements for safe passenger-vehicle use, for both drivers and pedestrians.


  • Rapid prototyping expertise.
  • Comprehensive portfolio providing complete lighting solutions.
  • Custom product platform developed from core TE designs.
  • Experienced launch team.