HT - High Temperature, Low Outgassing Heat Shrinkable Wire Identification Sleeves

HT wire markers are designed for use in high temperature applications or where extreme resistance to fuels, lubricants and cleaning solvents is required.

Thin wall, flame retarded radiation cross-linked fluoropolymer heat-shrinkable sleeve, assembled as organised cut sleeves in a “ladder” configuration. 2:1 shrink ratio. Identification of wires and cables by computer-based printing onto sleeves. Sleeves can also provide terminal insulation and strain relief. Suitable for many high temperature applications, especially military and aerospace applications. Can be used in space applications where low vacuum out-gassing is required.


  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Industrial


  • Permanent identification sleeves
  • High continuous operating temperature
  • Extreme fluid resistance
  • Low-vacuum out-gassing
  • Wide range of sleeve sizes for several wire and bundle diameters