HLX - Zero Halogen Tie On Markers Tags

HLX cable markers are made from zero halogen, low smoke, low toxicity, radiation cross-linked, UV stabilized polyolefin sheet, formed into punched organized cable markers on a paper carrier

HLX Cable Tie On Markers Tags are flat, non-adhesive labels that can be used to identify large cables and wire bundles in particularly aggressive environments. Presented as organised markers assembled onto a reel. Cable markers can be applied post cable termination using cable ties. Manufactured using a specially developed radiation cross-linked polymer. Formulated to give Low Fire Hazard properties, which allow this product to be used in locations where fire may pose a risk to human life and property. Typical installations include underground railways and mass transit. This cable marker is printed using thermal transfer technology.


  • Post-termination cable identification
  • Identification of large cables, wire bundles or pipework
  • Installation friendly - easy to replace, ideal for retrofitting and repairs. Only cable ties are needed.
  • Particularly suitable for locations with a fire risk to human life or equipment
  • Mass Transit, Rail, Aerospace, Marine and Industrial


  • Zero-Halogen
  • Low toxic fumes
  • Low smoke
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Resistant to key industrial and rail fluids (defined by RW-2523)
  • Excellent resistance to burning - typical LOI 39%