HL - Low Fire Hazard Tie-on Cable Marker Tags

HL Flame retardant tie-on cable marker tags are used to identify large cables and bundles either pre or post - termination.

HL Cable Markers are flat, non-adhesive labels that can be used to identify large cables and wire bundles in particularly aggressive environments. Cable markers can be applied post cable termination using cable ties.
Manufactured using a specially developed radiation cross-linked flame retarded polymer. Typical installations include mass transit, Military and Aerospace. Presented as organised markers assembled onto either a fanfold or reeled paper carrier to allow for greater range of printing formats and kitting.


  • Post-termination cable identification
  • Identification of large cables, wire bundles or pipework
  • Installation friendly - easy to replace, ideal for retrofitting and repairs. Only tie wraps are needed
  • Mass transit, Rail, Aerospace, Marine, Military and Industrial  


  • Highly flame resistant (Excellent resistance to burning - Oxygen Index 35%)
  • Resistant to key industrial and military grade fluids (defined by RW-2513)
  • Available in several height/width combinations, and non-standard colour options