coax cable termination

Coaxial cable terminators

SolderSleeve coaxial cable terminators provide transparent insulation, prefluxed solder and preinstalled termination leads in a one-piece design, offering easy installation and lower installed costs.

Hard-working terminations for coaxial cable applications. SolderSleeve terminators allow dependable and easy-to-install terminations in coaxial cable applications, including printed circuit boards. The transparent polyvinylidene fluoride or polyolefin insulation sleeves provide encapsulation, inspectability, insulation and the ideal solution to center conductor breakage problems. SolderSleeve terminators are designed for applications with temperatures up to 150°C. 

SolderSleeve Coaxial Cable Terminators

Product Options

Product Series Max. Operating Temp. Use on Cables Rated (Min) Cable Shield Plating
B-155, CWT 125oC (257oF) 85oC (185oF) Tin, Copper
B-02X/B-04X 150oC (302oF) 125oC (257oF) Tin, Silver
D-181 150oC (302oF) 125oC (257oF) Tin, Silver
D-184 125oC (257oF) 85oC (185oF) Tin

Also Available with a preinstalled lead.  See page above.

SolderSleeve PCB/Coaxial Cable Terminators

Product Options

Product Series Typical Application Performance Shield Method Operating Temperature
D-607 Matched impedance up to 2.3 GHz Metal body -55oC to 150oC (-67oF to 302oF)
B-046 Effective transmission up to 100 MHz Pin to ground -55oC to 150oC (-67oF to 302oF)

See page above for product selection process.

RF One-Step BNC/TNC Connectors

Product Options

Body/Pin Plating Ohms Connector Size Connector Style Connector Type Contacts
Nickel-plated brass body 50 ohmns Small -00  Straight plug See catalog above Male 
Gold-plated brass pin 75 ohmns Medium -01  Right-angle plug See catalog above Female 
    Large -02  Straight bulkhead jack See catalog above  
      -03  Straight jack See catalog above  
      -04  Straight panel jack  See catalog above  

See page above for more product details.  

Benefits: Coaxial Cable Termination

  • One-piece design
  • Easy installation
  • Lower installed cost 

Features: Coaxial Cable Termination

  • Transparent sleeve
  • Prefluxed solder

Applications: Coaxial Cable Termination

Cable harnessing and repair for:

  • Maintenance repair operations (MRO)
  • Commercial aviation
  • Military aerospace
  • Ground defense
  • Automotive after-market