Pivot Connectors

Connectors that Pivot with Ease

Our pivot connector series is a user-friendly solution for terminating signal and low power connections, and it requires no tools!

Our pivot connectors are easy to use. Simply feed in a pair of unstripped wires and complete the termination by pressing down the pivoting stuffer with your thumb or index finger. Insulation displacement contacts (IDC) eliminate the need for stripping wires and make the termination even easier. The ease-of-use features of the pivot connector make it a perfect match for field-installed products and space-constrained applications. Two versions are available, the Pivot or Pivot II series, depending on size and requirements of the application.

Pivot Connectors
Pivot connector row
Pivot Connector
Pivot connector detail

Features: Pivot Connectors

No Tooling for Termination
  • Eliminates need for a tool for termination: Just use your finger!
  • Small size and tool-less capability make it perfect for space-constrained applications
  • Terminate wires from either side of the connector or pass wires completely through for bridging connections
  • Perfect for field-installed products; IDC contacts eliminate the need to strip wires
  • 22-26 AWG

Applications: Pivot Connectors

Household Electronics and Systems
  • Space-constrained applications
  • Garage door openers
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Telephone jacks
  • Pet fences
  • Low voltage lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

Pivot Connector Series

Question Answer
What wire gauge are you using? Pivot series can accept AWG 22~24 and Pivot II series can accept AWG 22~26.
Will the wire need to be passed through the connector? If no, single or double entry styles will work. If yes, only double entry style will work.
In what type of environments will this connector be used? These connectors are available to be greased filled in order to be used in extreme environments. (Refer to the part number table in the Pivot Connector Series QRG.)
What is the significance of the Stuffer Labels ‘T and R’? T and R stand for Tip and Ring, which is commonly used terminology when working with telephone jacks in the telecommunications industry.
What tooling is required to support these connectors? No tooling is needed to support these connectors other than something to cut the wires to the appropriate sizes. The IDC contacts make pivot a toolless solution.
What if you need to use an AWG that is outside the AMP Pivot Connector Series gauge? We recommend using the Terminal Block family, which can accept AWG 12~30.
How many wires can a single connector use?  We offer one, two, and four pair connectors. Each pair is capable of accommodating two wires and multiple connectors can be aligned side by side.