coolsplice connectors

CoolSplice Connectors

Designed to connect a pair of discrete wires, or a twin cord cable in line to a pair of discrete wires or twin cord cables

CoolSplice connectors help eliminate the need to pre-strip the insulation from the wire conductors and provide a visually controlled termination. The push connect buttons provides a more ergonomic wire termination than conventional twist-on wire connectors/nuts (marrettes). The slim, symmetrical contoured, snag resistant connectors fit through a 16.00mm [0.630] diameter hole or pvc tube.


  • Commercial refrigeration lighting
  • Display and cabinet lighting
  • Lighting in furniture
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Signs and building façade lighting
  • Security and alarm systems
  • Domotics (home automation)
  • Audio speaker connections
  • Wide range of other applications

Key Features

  • Simple push button termination
  • Developed with insulation displacement technology
  • Terminates 18 awg and [0.75mm2] stranded and solid wire
  • Left/right side independent terminations
  • Available in unsealed and sealed versions
  • IP65 and IP67 rating
  • Slim-symmetrical glossy appearance
  • Visually controlled termination