DEUTSCH P6-SW400 series connectors

Marine Offshore
Powering exploration

TE's DEUTSCH P6-SW400 Series connectors offer a field proven, versatile, wet mate connection system,with a configurable layout of wet mate and jumpers and a wide range of penetrators to solve almost any power connectivity challenge for offshore subsea applications.

Withstand the hazards of subsea and offshore. With its DEUTSCH power connectors, TE enables the flow of power to applications in harsh subsea offshore environments with connectors rated for depths up to 3,000m and pressure of up to 15,000psi. Explosion-proof versions meet ATEX/CSA requirements for topside safety and a variety of voltage and current ratings enable designers to meet exact application needs. 


psi - pressure resistant


Rated current


  • Easy to Interface
  • Configurable layouts
  • Large choice of penetrators
  • Dedicated support


  • Range from 145psi to 15,000psi ratings
  • Specific designs available (oil-filled, MEG-filled)
  • Wide ranges of interfaces for modules and umbilicals