P6-MD300 series connectors

Reliable in Harsh Environments

TE's DEUTSCH P6-MD300 Series connectors allow quick disconnection of the umbilical topside termination in case of imminent danger to the topside facility to disconnect the umbilical.

Withstand the hazards of subsea and offshore. Our DEUTSCH power connectors enable the flow of power to applications in harsh subsea offshore environments with connectors rated for depths down to 3,000m and penetrators of up to 15,000psi. Explosion-proof versions are also available for topside classified areas and a variety of voltage and current ratings enable designers to meet exact application needs.

Explosion-Proof Certified

Zone 1 II 2 G Ex d IIB T4..T6

This product is explosion-proof rated to be used on topside facilities where gas can be present. It has the double certification for ATEX and IECEx.

Submersible to 200mwd

When disconnected and capped, this product can be submersed with the bouy. This is a unique feature that cannot be found in most other explosion proof connectors. Its simple and robust design is declined also for signal and optical connectors.

Splash-Zone Mateable

FPSOs and Renewables Energies

Mating interface was especially designed for connections in the harsh offshore environment, where seawater is present. It can be cleaned by just a quick blow of pressurized air. It is rated for over 100 matings within its 25 years design life. This latest feature and its rated water depth make it very adapted to the marine renewable energy industry.

Dedicated Support

TE has a large team of dedicated engineers to support your project, whether you need engineering support, testing or on-site installation services.