DEUTSCH OFS series connectors

A depth of experience in subsea monitoring

TE's DEUTSCH OFS wet-mate connectors for Tubing Hanger FeedThrough (THFT) systems support three channels at pressures of 15,000 psi and temperatures up to 350°F.

Rugged reliability for subsea trees. TE‘s DEUTSCH Optical Feedthrough System (OFS) Series wet-mate connectors are especially designed for permanently installed reservoir monitoring and downhole temperature sensing. The OFS connectors can be installed in both horizontal and vertical subsea trees and offer an optical connectivity between installed downhole sensors and a data acquisition system installed topside. 


PSI pressure differential withstanding


Operational temperature


  • Optical connectivity between permanently installed downhole sensors/instrumentation and a data acquisition system
  • Provide pressure barrier between wellbore and the subsea environment


  • Reservoir permanent monitoring
  • Downhole temperature sensing