DEUTSCH MC6 series

Rugged, reliable and built to survive

TE’s DEUTSCH Fiber Optic Physical Contact (MC5, MC6) Series Connectors bring the benefits of optical technology to defense and aerospace applications.

Based on proven military standard 38999 SIII electrical connectors. The DEUTSCH Fiber Optic Physical Contact (MC5,MC6) Series is a range of fiber optic connectors that incorporate high-precision ferrules and alignment mechanisms to assure fiber alignment and minimize optical losses. MC5 multi-channel connectors utilize compact 1.25 mm precision zirconia ceramic ferrules enabling an extensive range of layouts including 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 30 positions. MC6 multi-channel connectors utilize ‘MT’ ferrule and ribbon fiber technology to radically reduce connector size, while offering 12 channels per connector. Housed in composite 38999 standard compliant shells, the MC5 and MC6 are fully sealed, extremely robust, lightweight and have outstanding corrosion resistance. The contact designs ensure optical continuity during high vibration, shock and temperature, and are easily accessed and removed for maintenance.