Optimize Space

TE’s DEUTSCH AS Micro XtraLITE HE (ASX) connector is a small and lightweight connector that offers a solution where space is most restrictive.

Ultra-Compact Design. The AS Micro XtraLITE HE connectors offer racing teams the smallest, lightest package for three, five, and six wires. The AS Micro XtraLITE HE 6-way is the shortest, lightest AS connector for six wires, offering a solution where space is most restrictive.

  1. The Conditions (English)

Autosport harsh environment - The Conditions

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  • Ultra compact design (size 2 shell)
  • Easy installation
  • Built to withstand harsh environments


  • Minimum space envelope
  • 3 Size #22 contacts / 5 Size #24 contacts / 6 Size #24 contacts
  • Positive locking coupling mechanism
  • Suitable for blind mating
  • Scoop-proof interface
  • Boot termination feature
  • Conductive black zinc finish
  • Interfacial wire sealing
  • Bonded and sealed insert to prevent moisture ingress