DEUTSCH AS Hermetic series

Fueling high-risk applications

TE's DEUTSCH AS Hermetic Series connectors are designed for very high-risk applications like fuel and pressure systems. With the aluminum hermetic range, it also enables to reduce weight by 60% in a safety critical environment and allows race teams to refine weight distribution which is critical for success to find that last 10th of a second in lap time.

DEUTSCH AS Hermetic Series connectors are designed to provide leak-free connections in the harshest environments. The Hermetic ranges include AS Micro Hermetic series, AS Micro Hermetic jam-nut series, the AS Hermetic fuel tank series, and also Aluminum Hermetic Fuel Tank series. These connectors are intended for use in autosport applications where sealing integrity is required, including fuel and pressurized systems. 


  • Designed for fuel cell walls
  • High Performance Materials
  • 60% weight reduction in comparison with DEUTSCH standard stainless steel connector


  • Selection of contact arrangements to accommodate pumps and sensors
  • Aluminum shell and nut
  • Fuel immersible specification o-ring for enhanced fluid resistance
  • Integral potting cup, rear accessory thread and external boot termination feature
  • Glass seal can withstand pressure differentials of 1000psi without loss of electrical performance or fluid leakage