DEUTSCH ABC In-Line series

Compact and Durable Flexibility

Our DEUTSCH ABC In-Line Series modular rectangular connectors are ideal for high-performance cabin systems applications.

TE’s DEUTSCH ABC In-Line modular connectors maximize space and density. The connectors consist of three simple elements: 1) lightweight corrosion-resistant composite shells, 2) environmentally-sealed ‘half-inch’ modules, and 3) AS39029 standard crimp, removable contacts. For exceptional environmental performance, modules feature a fluorosilicone rear grommet with a triple wire seal and a cork-in-the-bottle interfacial sealing. To suit both signal and low-power needs a variety of module arrangements are available enabling termination of standard 22-, 20-, 16- and 12-wire gauges. Modules and shells are keyed to prevent mis-mating. Designed for harsh environments, the ABC In-Line Series withstands temperatures from -65 to +175ᵒC, high humidity environments at altitude, vibration, aerospace fluid exposure, and has low smoke, toxicity and flammability characteristics.


  • Weight and space savings
  • Sealed for relliability
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Safe


  • Lightweight composite, yet strong design
  • Interfacial and wire insulation seals
  • 24 to 12 AWG wire range
  • Color coding for easy identification


  • In-flight entertainment
  • Commercial air applications, including galley and ceiling lighting
  • Cable-to-cable assembly