DEUTSCH 9316 Series connectors

Marine Offshore
Going Deeper Than Ever

Harsh Environment, explosion-Proof, and underwater connectors for rugged reliability and safety. Designed to withstand severe environments in marine and offshore applications to pressures of 750 bar (10,875 psi) TE's DEUTSCH 9316 Series connectors are made for easy handling in rugged applications.

Survivability in harsh marine environments. DEUTSCH 9316 Series connectors are explosion-proof and hermetically-sealed for reliability in the harsh marine applications like underwater control systems, submarines, offshore rigs and subsea motors and compressors. Easy to use and matched for specific application areas, 9316 Series connectors help withstand mechanical stresses, polluted environments in hazardous areas.


Bar rated pressure


Rated temperature


Multiple Contacts and Configurations
  • 1 to 121 contacts
  • Contact size: 20 to 300 mm2 for 24 AWG to 600 AWG wires
  • 250 VAC (service 1) / 650 VAC (service 2) / Up to 2000 VAC for power arrangement
  • From 5 to 33 A per contact, depending on arrangement / Up to 600 A for power arrangement 
  • Explosion-Proof Standards (Compliance: ATEX, CSA, IECEx)
  • ATEX Rating: II 2 G Ex d IIB Gb (component) 


Rugged, Easy Use
  • Easy handling - Scoop proof interface for reliable mating
  • Strong reliability - Keying to ensure proper circuit connections
  • Multipule configurations
  • Explosion-proof - Stainless steel shells / Glass-to-metal sealing / FKM/NBR or fluid resistant o-rings