Hardwired Power Distribution Systems

Hardwired Power Distribution Systems

Wired for tomorrow. The increasing number of functions in vehicles require a more reliable, multi-purpose and flexible power network. TE's hardwired boxes help provide the next evolution of power network structure.

Helping to create a reliable and optimized connection system. Hardwired power distribution systems is one of the key technologies integrated on a vehicle wiring harness assembly that controls and distributes the current flow within the electric power net. TE's hardwired box portfolio provides flexible, cost-effective solutions for complex vehicle networks, or wiring with a broad range of variants for equipment. Our experience and competency enable us to propose specific solutions upon request.


  • Global competencies on electro-mechanical components
  • We offer stand-alone modules, integrated solutions, and modular concepts 
  • Standard products as well as custom development


  • Protection and switching devices
  • Direct wire fuse and relay solutions
  • Products compliant with most fuse technologies and plug-in relay
  • Compatible with most standard terminals and connector families

Leading Products

Hardwired Power Distribution Systems

Battery Distribution Unit

  • Pre-fuse modules which protect main wires in the harness and increase battery life time. Box with fuses on a busbar including power switch-off components.


Hardwired Boxes with BusBars

  • Power distribution systems which combine several protections and/or switching functions and include some functions electrically joined together.



  • Basic protection or switching devices. Can combine different protection technology or different plug-in relay type.Use as a stand-alone module or mechanically assembled with other devices in order to create a complete power distribution device.



  • Optional devices for cover, brackets, and more.


Busbars and Terminals

  • Specific busbar or terminals developed for Power Distribution systems.


Other Hardwired Boxes